Hello, my name is Ed Dowling and I’m a teacher, real estate investor, gym rat, and Doctor of Metaphysical Science. One of my major interests is studying and teaching Universal Laws – the rules for playing the Game of Life.

As a high school teacher, I taught Biology and Physical Education with an emphasis on Environmental Education.

I then became a Faculty Associate in the Department of Education at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby BC, where I helped train teachers, and was part of the teaching team at SFU’s Kamloops Institute of Environmental Education.

At SFU I became interested in Group Dynamics and spent a summer at the Carl Rogers Institute in La Jolla, California, immersing myself in Humanistic Psychology and learning to facilitate weekend encounter groups.

I was a Resident Fellow for six months at Cold Mountain Institute, BC, absorbed in Gestalt Psychology and the Human Potential Movement. Towards the end of my stay author John Blofeld, a Taoist teacher, who had spent many years in China, gave us a workshop. He said to me: “Ed, you should go to Dharamsala, India, and study Buddhism with the Tibetan monks.” I simply said: “O.K.,” put my few possessions in storage, got all my shots, and headed for India.

I spent a year traveling around the world, with most of my time spent absorbing the wisdom of the monks at the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives. Occasionally I would meet and speak with the Dalai Lama as we were both buying groceries in the local market.

When I returned to Canada, I determined to become financially independent. I loved the total freedom I had enjoyed doing whatever I wanted every single day. This lifestyle takes money! I achieved my goal by investing in real estate.

After reading Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret published in 2006, I started to attend many Self-Help courses, mainly those by my mentor, Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup series of books. I also became a Fire Walk Instructor and an NLP Practitioner.

Heeding Jack’s advice, I looked for a major life challenge and found it by studying at The University of Metaphysics in Sedona, Arizona, becoming a Doctor of Metaphysical Science.

Now, I devote much of my time teaching and coaching kindred folk wishing to up their Game of Life by consciously living in harmony with the Universal Laws as explained by William Walker Atkinson (aka “Three Initiates) in his book The Kybalion, which summarizes his understanding of the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus.